Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Systems for Commercial & Residential Applications

Lakelands is known for quickly and accurately filling supply orders in New York State including retaining wall system supplies. From the PA line, including all of Western NY, Eastern NY up to Utica, and North up to Watertown, Lakelands delivers the best quality products for your project.

Stone Strong Systems

A majority of the retaining walls we sell are created from Stone Strong products. We use Stone Strong because we have never found a better product for building retaining walls. Stone Strong products are lighter, bigger, interlocking, and include an integrated drainage system.

Different Wall Materials

At times, a project requires a different material than Stone Strong bricks. In those applications, we add a plastic mesh called Tensar Geogrid

Landscape Rataining Walls (Backwalls)

For residential jobs, we often provide landscape blocks for a customer’s landscape retaining walls (backwalls). These blocks are most often used for smaller retaining walls – up to 6 feet tall. There is no built-in drainage, therefore contractors install drainage behind the wall. Call Lakelands Concrete for delivery of your needed landscape blocks.

PDF Drawings On Specifications

Retaining Walls

All Specification Downloads Can be found HERE